Accelerating Leadership & High Performance

We work with CEOs and companies from startup to legacy corporations in pharmaceuticals, healthcare and other industries.

While there is no “typical” project, our involvement is usually initiated by the CEO, CHRO, or other senior leaders. We’ve helped our clients:

  • Accelerate high performance as they enter new roles or new situations
  • Establish cultural frameworks to equip them for growth and organizational complexity
  • Identify and change systems and behaviors to drive high performance
  • Foster teamwork and more effective management
  • Integrate cross functional employee feedback into corporate culture

Our team’s track record includes central leadership roles ranging from commercial operations to human resources to governance to marketing and communications. Our combined experience includes leadership in organizations at all stages of evolution, from startup to legacy corporations.

For major transformation challenges, Vanguard has developed a unique, proven approach: “the ALPHA Factor.” The ALPHA Factor is a combination of tested, flexible, pragmatic “playbooks” for executing transformations that deliver long term high performance, and situational coaching and support from our team of proven executives.

For senior executives advancing into CEO and C-Suite Roles, Vanguard has created a proprietary program to support these leaders in avoiding situations that can so often slow or derail their success, while helping them to accelerate their path to high performance.

Vanguard’s “CEO Playbook” (as with “the ALPHA Factor”) is based on 20 years of practical experience of our team at the top levels of successful leadership in highly challenging situations. Our approach of tailored programs supports top leaders in delivering success – all based on real world learnings.